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The Temptation of Angélique

En route for Goldsboro after their winter ordeal and courted by the English, the French and their Indian allies, Joffrey and Angélique tread a diplomatic tightrope where one slip could plunge the region into bloody war.

Determined to consummate his holy war against the non-believers, Sebastien d'Orgeval, the Jesuit mastermind, succeeds in separating Angélique and Joffrey as she heads to an English settlement to return a young girl rescued from captivity by the redskins.

Caught in the onslaught of d'Orgeval's Indian converts against their English foes, she is captured by their leader, Piksarret, chief of the Patsuiketts.

Using her almost magical influence over the superstitious savages to lead them back towards her husband's lands, she is threatened by abandoned pirates - scum rejected even by the renegade Gold Beard - whose attempts to take Goldsboro by force are beaten off by Angélique's friends.

Betrayed by her own kindness, Angélique finds herself captured by Gold Beard, and subject to an appalling temptation rising from the shadows of her past.

Naked in the arms of a lover from the past, yet barely remaining faithful to Joffrey, Angélique escapes Gold Beard's clutches in the company of the dour Jack Merwin and his companions.

Unaware that Joffrey believes he has been betrayed, she hastens to return to him, but comes close to death when the sea tries to claim her for its own.

Finding herself under the power of a Jesuit priest, ally of her nemesis Father d'Orgeval, she nontheless returns to Goldsboro, unaware of Joffrey's wrath over her supposed unfaithfulness.

Devastated by his rejection, she must make a choice when Joffrey and Gold Beard stand face to face to fight for the woman they both love.