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The Countess Angélique

Blissfully reunited with her beloved Joffrey de Peyrac and sons Florimond and Cantor, and openly acknowledged as Joffrey's wife, the Comtesse de Peyrac de Morens d'Isritru, Angélique is overwhelmed with joy.

But with winter approaching, Angélique, Joffrey and their party must battle through the wilderness to Joffrey's outpost at Katarunk, threatened by Acadian representatives of France and warring Indian tribes.

After reaching an accommodation with the gentlemanly Count Lomenie-Chambord and his troops, they are betrayed and a massacre at Katarunk leaves the reunited lovers with their house dishonoured, threatened by a horde of savages seeking retribution.

Face to face with Outakke, the feared and barbaric Mowhawk chief who has sworn to destroy her, Angélique confronts her most primitive and dangerous foe alone in the wilderness.

Together, with the lives of their children and companions at stake, Angélique and Joffrey must gamble everything on a course of action that is as fraught with risks as it is audacious.

Their refuge for the winter destroyed, the only hope for the survivors of Katarunk is to make for the pitifully small mining outpost at Wapassou, a tiny refuge in an overwhelming wilderness.

Threatened by scurvy, isolation and disease, Angélique faces a new enemy that cannot be beaten head-on - hunger. Bravely she tries to marshal her fellows in a desperate attempt to build the scant resources of their tiny community and ward off the ravages of winter.

Cut off from civilisation, the visitors who miraculously reach her bring shame and death, inspired by the fanatical Jesuit Sebastien d'Orgeval, who is intent on his personal crusade to rid the New World of these heretical interlopers.

With rumours spreading that Angélique is the mythical She-Devil of Acadia, who is prophesied to bring death and destruction to Acadia by a visionary nun, her new-found friends are forced to decide if she is a force for good or evil.

As Joffrey and Angélique learn more about each other and the people they have become during their fifteen-year separation, their enemies' schemes threaten to destroy their rekindled love before it has a chance to burst into flames.