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Angélique in Love

Fleeing the wrath of the King of France along with her band of fugitive Protestants, Angélique finds herself aboard the Goldsboro, captained by the same mysterious Rescator who had paid an emperor's ransom for her on the slave-block in Crete years before.

The Goldsboro sails en route to the new lands of America, tossed by storms, while the refugees huddle below decks and reflect on the loss of their possessions and homes.

Soon, their gratitude for their salvation turns to bitterness and distrust.

As trouble brews between the God-fearing Puritans and Rescator's crew, who have been gathered from the dregs of the world, Angélique's loyalties are torn between her friends from La Rochelle and their frightful yet intriguing rescuer.

As Angélique uncovers Rescator's unbelievable secret, a confrontation erupts that threatens to shatter her future and everything she has fought for over the years.

Angélique is forced to fight for what is hers, and to gain more than she could ever have hoped, but she must somehow find a way to keep faith with her past and her present in order to ensure her happiness in the future.