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Angélique and the King

Angélique has now known great love, great loss, trauma, poverty and violence, and although she has regained her social position, her heart is empty.

Determined to make the best of things, she sets out to win the love of her new husband - the handsome but cruel Marquis Philippe du Plessis Bellerie. But he is equally determined to humiliate her and ensure she is never received at court.

Angélique has determination, valour and her feminine wiles, while Philippe is prepared to go to almost any length - including kidnap and violence - to win.

Although they are almost equal adversaries, Angélique outwits him, and during a brief period of truce, she bets him that he will end up in love with her.

Meanwhile, Louis XIV, now secure on his throne and in the process of building his reputation as the Sun King, recognises the girl who defied him five years previously, and forgives her, partly motivated by her outstanding beauty.

Through a series of adventures, the King becomes increasingly enamoured of her, while at the same time Philippe is reluctantly drawn to her. Her tempestuous relationship with Philippe abates to a degree when Angélique bears him an heir.

Later Angélique hears the news that her second child, Cantor, has died while accompanying a French admiral as a page, his galley sunk by a renegade buccaneer known as Rescator. Philippe rides for three days from the war to comfort her and to admit he has fallen madly in love with her.

Recovering from Cantor's death, Angélique and the court visit the front to see the progress of the war, but after a few brief and happy days in Philippe's arms, Angélique is woken to be told that he is dead, his head blown off by a cannon ball.

Angélique retires to her estates to grieve, and after a period of mourning she is summoned back to Versailles by the King.

Colbert, the king's chancellor, learns of her business skills, and she provides him and the King with invaluable information and wins the confidence of the Persian Ambassador, rescuing his mission from disaster, based on a mutual misunderstanding of cultures.

The King is encaptured by her beauty and her brains, even while he is pursuing a passionate affair with Athaenis de Montespan. The beautiful, brilliant and ambitious Athaenis, once Angélique's friend, is furious and determines to rid herself of her rival.

Battling the intrigues of her rival and her growing attraction to the power of the King, Angélique overcomes witchcraft, poison and treachery, only to face a decision that will make the difference between winning the love of the king and becoming an outcast once again.