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Angélique and the Ghosts

Shattered after her victory over the Demon but overjoyed to be reunited with Joffrey, Angélique paces the familiar decks of the Goldsboro on its journey towards Quebec.

Heading for the King of France's territory at the invitation of the Governor of Acadia, Monsieur de Ville-d'Avray, Angélique and Joffrey again risk betrayal in order to cement their position as leaders of an independent stronghold between two warring powers.

But as they invade the king's fiefdom, Angélique, still an outlawed woman in France, is anxious, sensing a plot against Joffrey.

Heading up the Gulf of St Lawrence, Angélique's sense of intuition, developed by her close affinity for the virgin countryside, strengthens and warns her evil afoot. Foiling attempts on new friends, she encounters a figure from her past - one who brings with him echoes of shadowy ghosts, manipulating events from afar.

With Angélique recalling old friendships and developing new ones, and with events marching steadily towards a climax, their progress up the freezing estuary brings them to their destination.

For the first time in fifteen years, Angélique and Joffrey stand together on the outskirts of a bustling French community - the cloistered and claustrophobic capital of French Acadia, Quebec.