Angélique and the Demon

Still bruised from their estrangement, Angélique and Joffrey are denied the peace they need to rebuild their relationship when the beautiful but unsettling Ambrosine, Duchess de Maudriborg, and her entourage of King's girls are shipwrecked on the shores of Goldsboro.

With Joffrey called away on an unwelcome but essential diplomatic mission, Angélique is threatened by strange forces and by a mysterious band of pale strangers creating discord and mayhem in the region.

As the minions of evil surround her, Angélique and her friends combat poison, skulduggery and treachery. Aided only by her son Cantor and the comical but stout-hearted Govenor of Acadia, Monsieur de Ville-d'Avry, she battles for the life of her closest friend Abigail who is awaiting the birth of her first born.

Mesmerised by the compelling wiles of the brilliant and charming Ambrosine, our heroine's fey instincts are clouded and her judgement impaired.

Unsure of Joffrey's love, not knowing whom to trust and fearful for the safety of her children and friends, Angélique must discover the ringleader of the evil that threatens them before it is too late. Surrounded by shadowy figures, isolated from her friends and entangled in a web of deception, Angélique stands alone as she confronts her most chilling foe - the Demon She-Devil of Acadia.